Woman vs women

Woman vs women

Thanks to Mecano, the expression woman vs woman took on the meaning of a love story between two women. It always seemed like a good attempt at redefinition because the truth is that the general belief assumes with great ease that women are not only evil in nature and weak in morals, as various philosophical schools have painstakingly explained to us since ancient times, but we particularly refine that wickedness in the relationships between ourselves. Women are our worst enemies, and we sharpen our claws when destroying each other.

Popular belief says that women are the main ones responsible for machismo since we are the ones who take care of the education of boys and girls. It follows that in addition to being bad, we must be stupid. But in addition to this cuteness, it is not uncommon to hear opinions about the perverse and unhealthy intention with which we often value each other. That man will be a wolf for man in a contradictory version of what we learned from Feliz Rodríguez de la Fuente. Still, the best, we are vindictive and envious harpy, incapable of the slightest recognition of the value of a fellow.

Why women vs women

If there is an area where this argument has its protocol, it is, without a doubt, in work and labor relations. How often have you heard opinions from women who say that they prefer a hundred times to have a boss than a female boss? Or were they men talking about women’s opinions on the subject? Sorry, it was a slip.

I started my first work incursion in a masculinized field. Indeed, it was so long ago that I have to make an effort to remember it. Later, with some curious parenthesis, I worked surrounded by women. I have coworkers who have accompanied me during the last decade, with whom I have shared responsibilities, concerns, learning, risks, successes and failures. I, therefore, have enough experience to say that, as in a pharmacy, there is everything.

Woman vs women
Woman vs women

Some of these colleagues

But it happens to me that this week I found out that some of these colleagues have decided to change the course of their professional careers and that we will stop working together shortly. That is to say. I am in one of those moments where what has been lived is reviewed and assessed. If you ask me today, what is it like to work with women? The answer is that you do not know how immensely rich the experience is of collaborating and working with other women who are admired professionally and letting affections grow as shelter from this weather. I don’t think anyone has ever treated me better.

Talking about the Tampax, daughters and crow’s feet while sharing concern for the future and work goals builds professional and friendship relationships that bear fruit equally, and I hope I know, lasting in time. Could you not believe what they say? Woman vs women is a much more productive partnership than you might imagine, and it has nothing to do with any mating dance.


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