House of Carillion & Their Amazing Vintage Collection

With the slogan “The Sum of Style”, House of Carillion Etsy store is the best place to find vintage items like- vintage necklaces, vintage tops, purses and much much more!

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So- if you got a friend deep into the vintage, or if you’re a vintage fan yourself, House of Carillion would be a great place to look for unique vintage gifts!

Owned by Anna Victoria, this store ships amazing vintage gifts and accessories to Canada and the USA.

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Anna talks about her personal style, and the reason she opened her Etsy shop for vintage items and gifts:

Quite often people ask me where I buy my clothes and are surprised when I say “It’s vintage!”. Eschewing ‘new’ in favour of old, whether on a daily basis or just when you feel like it, is an option open to all and has surprising benefits. Curing your wardrobe from times beyond is like being your own designer and stylist rolled into one. Carefully picking and choosing items allows you to create your very own, unique style.


If you liked what you’ve seen here so far go check out Anna’s Etsy shop!

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