Looking for a gift from your MAN? Try this Card Game

Trying to find a gift for a guy is a hard thing to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s your dad, boyfriend or brother, guys are so different than us that it makes it harder for us to think of the perfect gift for them. Some guys like a nice manly necklace/bracelet, others would appreciate an alcoholic beverage of some sort… But I thinks that what I have for you gals here would be a smashing hit with any guy!

I found this cool Etsy store that is called Games for Gifts. They currently only have one game, but trust me- one is all you need! The game is called Political Suicide, and in our day in age- this is the perfect Saturday night game for the entire family to join in! This is how the game works…

Political Suicide is basically a combination of the best card games in the world: Snap, 500, and ShitHead. Combining these 3 games results in a tense and exciting four-players gameplay. Each player has committed three political suicides that they must keep their secret at all costs!

You can try to hide your mistakes by acting towards legalising what you just did, or just distract the opposition with the Panama Papers, a rigged by-election, or a wild Bunga Bunga party. As you are trying to keep your mistakes from the world- you also need to make sure that your opponents are revealed for their crimes- making you look better at their expense! so stop reading this, go to Games for Gifts, order Political Suicide and start playing!

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