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If you’re looking to do something CRAZY with your hair- or you want to make sure that you’ll make an impression anywhere you go- you should definitely look into the Rainbow Hair colour trend! Having a rainbow hair color is all up to the type of hair you have now- short or long, bright or dark, and here are some awesome ideas for you to be able to show your stylist and get your rainbow hair groove on!

Full on Rainbow Hair

A lot of women are going on full-rainbow hair!!
You have to remember that in most cases Rainbow Hair needs a blond or bright base, so if you’re hair is not naturally bright- you’ll probably need to bleach it- which could damage the hair for the long run.  However- it is totally worth it!

Rainbow Hair braids

The rainbow hair trend is not complete with beautiful and amazing braids!
Most women we’ve spoken to who wear their rainbow hair in braids told us it’s for the same reason mentioned above- as the hair is dry and weak- they prefer to braid it than to straighten it with a straightener. However- loose or braided- Rainbow hair is simply perfect!

The hidden Rainbow Hair Trend!

Not all women could afford being all rainbow ALL the time. For some it’s their jobs, others prefer the hidden rainbow hair due to financial reasons- and some just prefer it to be like this. Here are some cool hidden hair rainbow ideas for different hair colours and lengths!

So what do you think? Will you go RAINBOW for 2017?

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