3 Things You Should Be Doing Each Time You Apply Lipstick

Looking to create the perfect lips look on a daily basis?
Here are 3 things you should do each time you apply lipstick:

1 – Brush your lips

Brushing your lips with a toothbrush (A delicate one of course), will get rid of all the rough edges and skin tears.

2 – Apply your lipstick with a personal mirror

99% Of women are using a mirror when applying makeup (As they should), but if you want to get the perfect lipstick look- use a personal mirror for your lipstick aplication. The bigger the mirror- the bigger the distraction, so start with the small mirror, and than look in the overall mirror to make sure it looks good with the rest of your makeup.

3 – Put your finger in your mouth

Yes. Once you are done with applying lipstick simply put a finger in your mouth (Your index or thumb), tighten your lips around it and pull it out. You can rest assure your lipstick will be on your lips and not on your teeth. A clean smile always makes your lipstick look better! (Picture credit: Masha Sedgwick)

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