This Handmade Gift Is A Must For Your Wedding

Handmade Gift

Weddings are amazing! they are the symbol of love, the union of two people, and though it is true that the bride and the groom are the centre of business (well, the bride), you mustn’t leave out your family, your loved ones, the people who have stood by your side during your life and this relationship, and the people who will eventually walk by you on your big day. For these people, for your mom, for your dad, for your future mother-in-law, for those unique people in your life… There’s an Etsy store with Handmade Gift!

Canyon Embroidery is an Etsy store that creates the most amazing Embroidered Wedding Handkerchiefs- the perfect gift on this day. These Handkerchiefs will be your way of saying thank you to your mom and dad on this day & they will be personalized to match the occasion!

Here are 2 of the unique phrases you could find in this Etsy store:

Mom, To dry your happy tears as you have always dried mine. I would not be the woman

I am today if it were not for you.

Dad, Thank you for walking by my side today and always. As the first man I ever loved, when you give me away,

know I will always be your little girl.

This just warms my heart!
This brand is owned by Cheryl, a talented woman from Nevada, and you could enjoy her work all over the world as she ships her goods world wide from the United States. The store is approaching 25,000 (!!) sales, and with almost 5,000 reviews giving this store a total score of 5 stars! Now that is in deed something you don’t see everyday. On top of that the store holds a very nice Instagram account with emotional pictures of people holding their special gifts on their daughter’s wedding day, and even of the happy couple presenting the gift to their parents!

Store owner also sells baptism gifts like this one over here:

See more from this store with this link! You could also follow new sales and products on the store’s official

Handmade Gift
Handmade Gift

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