Mental Health Stickers and Tshirts with Important Phrases & Mantras

Dealing with any kind of mental health issue can be a difficult thing to live with. After being diagnosed with Post combat PTSD and complex trauma 5 years ago, i found myself diving in to so many different ways of dealing with depression and anxiety. There are so many things you can do and try to deal with your mental health and get your life’s quality back to a level that you can “live with”, and there is no right or wrong answer.

One of the things that stood out for me was surrounding myself with good thoughts, beautiful items, colors that made me feel bright and happy… As well as bullet journaling with cool stickers and in general- to be surrounded by optimism!

That’s why I really loved seeing BitchinDesignCo Etsy shop. After posting on an Etsy buyers & sellers group that I’m looking for interesting shops to write about, I got so many different shops and sellers wanting to be featured. One of those sellers- really touched my heart…

Chelsey, the owner of BitchinDesignCo Etsy shop, has a unique and special graphic skill, that she uses to make gorgeous printed tshirts with sayings, and beautiful eye-catching planner stickers.

In a special section in her shop, Chelsey created beautiful mental health inspired stickers and tshirts with sayings, that would really touch a nerve deep down. With messages like: You’re not your illness, one day at a time, you have a purpose, and many others, this unique seller really knows her “mental health” mantras and important things to remember. Wonder why…

Chelsey is currently working on her masters degree in social work, while employed as a chemical dependency counselor for teens. Her passion for promoting mental health is so felt, and her shop is also her way of dealing with the emotional stress of her job and studies. An artistic outlet that is both healing her and others.

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