Architecture Inspired Silk Scarves & Head Wraps

If you’re looking for unique, eye catching, and quality silk scarves- the best place to look for them would be… Barcelone, Spain! The unique style of the Spanish fashion designers, along with their high quality silk fabrics, makes Spain one of the best places in the world to get high quality fashion must have scarves, head wraps, and hijabs.

If you can’t get to Spain, don’t worry! Etsy seller Hamza Bermejo- will send you his amazing Spanish scarves, head wraps & Hijabs- to anywhere in the world!

In his Etsy shop, HamzahAtelier, you’ll find a unique variety of silk scarves, that can be used as hair wraps and hijabs, and carry out the most unique designs.
When I first saw this store I sort of got the feeling that one of the scarves looks like those beautiful Portuguese tiles you see in the streets of Lisbon. I was not mistaken! Hamza creates his designs from architectural items and elements! And they are stunning!

About the Maker of these unique silk scarves:

I had a small chat with Hamza, wanting to learn more about how he started his shop, and why he has this unique style!

After working for many years in our family leather workshop where I still work part-time, I decided to start my own adventure with my own designs and products.
My preference for Islamic geometric designs is due to my childhood, because I was raised in Granada close to the Alhambra, a beautiful palace from the Muslim era, where I used to play and go for walks as a child. I always admired the Mosaic tiles covering its walls and loved to listen to stories and legends of Al-Andalus.

Hamza’s love for architecture and other artistic trends is expressed in the variety of his designs, some you can see in his shop, and others yet to be uploaded (so keep track of this sellers, as there are many good things ahead!).
The silk pattern designs you see where created by Hamza and through collaboration with other fabric designers, with a simple goal- designing time-less items that can be added to your wardrobe once- and serve you for a long time- promoting sustainability and smart-shopping!

Multi-purpose silk scarves:

As said before, each and everyone of Hamza’s silk scarves can be used as a scarf, a head wrap or a hijab cover. For example- see this unique architecture inspired silk scarf- in all 3 methods of wearing:

With all silk scarves in Hamza’s shop are made from 100% natural silk and have special endings that are rolled up and sewn by hand- this is truly a unique boutique for women, from all religions, and from all over the world!

Visit HamzahAtelier Etsy shop for more unique
silk scarves, beautiful head wraps, and hijabs!

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