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There are two things I love about Etsy: 1. You have access to amazing pieces of jewellery from all over the world, and the chance to be truly unique by owning a jewel none of your friends will have!

2. You get to support local economies and help “the little guy” instead of feeding more money to big corporations and huge international chains.

That’s why I am super excited to share this next Etsy store with you gals… The name of the store is MarysJewel and it’s owned by one talented woman. Maria, that makes amazing jewellery items is from Rhodes, Greece, and ships her amazing goods all over the world! What I love most about this store is the story behind the seller… Maria comes from a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean ocean. She was living in London for a while to study Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins and got her Diploma in Piano at the same time. An interesting combination of studies in a such artistic person.

Maria’s store is filled with amazing style and colour, and instead of talking on and on I’ll just leave you with the link for her store and some awesome pics of her items!

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