3 Items To Instantly Increase Your Style!

It is true that beauty is from within, that you don’t need objects to be happy and blah blah blah… In fact, having the right items around you, the ones you see FIT you and your personality- would make a sad day better and a good day- greater! Here are the three items that always make me feel good about myself:

A statement pillow

I found the perfect item on Etsy to make a blogger like me feel right at home- a 16″ white “Blogging Badass” pillow cover with black sequins from WhitneyJDecor Etsy store. This store ships only to the USA, and you’ll be able to find everything you need there to feel right at home! The pillow case is handmade and made to order- making sure you get a FRESH and perfect item- every time, while supporting a small business and not a big chain. The owner is an interior designer, and her specialty is to make every small space feel like HOME. I think she totally nailed it with this pillow, what do you think ?

A homy rug

Made from the best quality of sheep wool, this rug is handmade, with only one in stock. You can find it on an Etsy store called NOHSO… A store that ships their rags and designs worldwide all the way from the stylish Portugal. The seller Catarina Resende, can customise any offer for you, making sure you’ll get the right rug to make you feel cozy and comfy. This is my favourite rug from her Etsy store:

The right sunglasses

OMG- Olive wood sunglasses! Why did I not know about this item before? Sold by TAKEMOTO, these glasses could be shipped to any country in the world- directly from Hong Kong. The glasses are all 100% handmade by the designer and brand founder: TAKEMOTO HUANG. Not only do they have extreme chic, but they are honestly the most unique glasses I have ever seen when it comes to the material they are made of. Just have a look at how beautiful they are (and visit the store for more items):

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