4 New Stores On Etsy

It’s true that most people prefer to purchase from well-established Etsy sellers, that already have 1000 sales and above, but there are few advantages with purchasing from new Etsy stores:

1- New sellers often show lower prices than there fellow best sellers. When people sell a lot and develop a brand- they raise their prices. When you order from a new seller you are buying at the best price this seller has to offer!
2- Your order will not be lost amongst all others. As most Etsy stores are privately owned, once they have a lot of sales they often find it hard to manage them all, not easy being a one-man-show. However, when there are less sales- the seller is more devoted to each new customer.
3- You get to support a new business other than give your money to a big commercial retail store…. And that’s what Etsy is all about!

So, I found 4 Etsy stores that are relatively new, but offer interesting products, in high quality and a great price… Ready to start shopping online with me?

1 – TotheNinesJewelry

This Etsy seller makes the most amazing jewelry and sells them worldwide from Maryland, United States. My favorite item from this seller is this amazing Genuine Ruby Necklace. This necklace is simply the definition of simple style. With a delicate look and a winning colour combo- this is the perfect necklace for special occasions! You can see more from this seller by clicking HERE, or see more details about the necklace by clicking on the image:

2 – NNBoutique

This seller has unique handmade items for the women who like to keep warm while maintaining their style, like this awesome Plum Purple Beautiful Scarf With Flower Buttons. This scarf, along with all store products is shipped worldwide from the United States by store owner: Nena Sanchez. Nena started this business with the goal of becoming an independent business woman. She was out of a job for a long time when her daughter encouraged her to turn her crafty hands to a full time business- and so she did! Click on the image to see more details about this amazing scarf from Nena’s store, or click here to see more of her items.

3 – Laughwithbuddha

This is a cool Etsy store to get some interesting printed t-shirts or some oriental style beaded jewelry items. My favorite item from this store could be a great fit for your man, a printed t-shirt with the writing “It’s internal Bro” and the yin and yang symbol. For more items from this seller click HERE, for more details on this t-shirt simply click on the image: (Store ships worldwide from Nevada, United States)

4 – PyrographyWorkshop

Coming to you all the way from the exotic RIGA (in Latvia), this Etsy seller creates amazing art work, burnt into wood. You could basically get an image of yourself, your family members, and even your pet- burnt into wood! The perfect gift for any anniversary or for the upcoming Holiday Season. Click here to go to the store’s page, or click on the image to see more details:

Have fun shopping!

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