Getting The Job You REALLY Want

Getting The Job You REALLY Want

I just came across this amazing video, narrated by Alan Watts, talking about “what would you do if money was no object?”, and it blew me away. I kept thinking to myself how to answer this question and be true to who I am?
Maybe you need to watch the video to know what I am talking about…Getting The Job You REALLY Want.

What If Money Was No Object?

Going back to what I have just wrote- how do I even answer that question?
Being asked what would you have done had money not been an object is all nice and well, but having to answer that, knowing that what I answer is what I should be doing- is a harder thing to do, cause, honestly? I sometimes feel I lack the nerve to do it.

When faced with the question “Would you still work if you win the lottery?” most people say- yes. Maybe cause that’s what we were raised to answer. However, I believe that the occupational choice would now be of a wider nature, since- you don’t really need the money you’d be working for. Same goes for me. Always has been. I love working, I love learning new things via my work, and I love meeting new people in the process. I love the changes that occur in me as I am going from A to B inside a part, maybe even – growing into a certain job.

Finding Out What You Want To Do

Is not always the same as what you’re good at.
I was a great HR manager, I was an awesome PA, I had my share of success managing finance for startup companies, and I was one heck of media manager. I did what I knew. I expanded, I tried different things, but that wasn’t enough for me.

Most of my friends told that even this was a lot… To be doing all of that before I am 27 years old and with NO academic stamp behind my back… But that’s not what I wanted to be doing. I had dreams about being a freelance. Managing my own time. Earning money for myself and no one else. But that dream faded away as the years and rent money brought me down.

As I started blogging, 3 years ago, I realised the huge potential this could have. But still- it was all just a dream. So I did, I managed, I took more and more jobs, just to figure out that I not only want to be doing my own thing, but I NEED to be my own business. My one-woman show. And 4 months ago I did just that. I decided that for now- money is no object. I will do what I love, and money will follow. And so far? It’s been incredibly hard…
But it’s worth it!

Getting The Job You REALLY Want
Getting The Job You REALLY Want

Every Woman Should Follow Her Own VOICE

And as I chose being a freelance SEO specialist, you might crave for a different career. I really don’t care if you want to have your own business, or if you want to work for someone else… As long as that is the PATH you want to be walking on.

Think about your job, what you do for a living… And then think- what would you have done if you didn’t need the money?

I am not gonna tell you– drop everything and do whatever you want. I don’t know you and your responsibilities. And it’s true that you need to keep a level head and keep your house in check… But please, do so by following your dream!

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