Preobesity: What is preobesity, how to recognize it, and what to do?


Preobesity; what is? Find unconventional ways to deal with obesity and what consequences an improper diet can bring you. Today we will talk about what obesity means and how you can deal with it. You have probably heard of such a term as body mass index. Pre-weight is intermediate between average weight and obesity. Regarding body mass index, it is 25-29.9 in case of obesity. If you unexpectedly find out your body mass index is within the above limits, do not panic, but pull yourself together.

What is preobesity?

At this point, preobesity has not yet appeared, and the symptoms of the disease are not yet apparent. However, not everyone knows what obesity means and cannot determine this phase. Therefore, they gradually progress to the first stage of obesity, which is already a disease. To avoid such troubles, you must monitor your weight and take appropriate measures.

At the same time, body mass index is not always an objective measure for determining overweight. First, this applies to athletes whose body weight is above ordinary people. We recommend that people over 65 use a separate table rather than body mass index to diagnose obesity.

The main symptoms of preobesity

Knowing what obesity means, it is necessary to determine the main symptoms of this condition. I want to warn right away that the level of obesity is sometimes challenging for an inexperienced person.

It is true even when you know what obesity means. To simplify this task, we will tell you about the main symptoms of this condition:

  • Sleep apnea and the more you sleep, the harder it is to wake up and the more you want to sleep.
  • A state of chronic fatigue, and you don’t experience your usual energy boost in the morning after you wake up.
  • Increased appetite and even after good meals you still feel hungry.
  • Metabolic reactions slow down, and even eating small portions of food does not stop the accumulation of adipose tissue.
  • The quality of the skin deteriorates, indicators of its fat content increase, and even the appearance of pads is possible.
  • Even with minimal physical exertion, you will experience shortness of breath.
  • If you notice at least two of the above symptoms, you should undergo a medical examination.

What to do about preobesity?

Often people cannot understand why they gain weight. However, everything is quite simple here. Fat reserves start to be created by the body if it receives more energy than it manages to spend during the day. If you are sure you have obesity, you can use two methods to fight it – increase physical activity or decrease the energy entering the body.

They are both extremely effective, but the best results are achieved when combined. By increasing exercise, you increase your body’s energy consumption, and there will be no calories left that can convert into fat. It is enough to reduce the energy value of the daily diet slightly to lose weight. Playing sports is recommended to achieve the task in a shorter time.

We did not accidentally mention a medical examination because obesity can result from a malfunction in the endocrine system. In this case, using balanced methods to fight fat will not be enough, and one must first restore the hormone level. However, let’s get back to the issue of fighting obesity. Of course, this is a good thing if you know what obesity means and how to diagnose it. But at the same time, it is necessary to figure out how to respond to this situation. Let us warn you right away that this is a rather complicated process. However, difficult does not mean impossible at all. If you want to, you have a great chance to return to your previous body weight.

Before dealing with a problem, you need to find its cause. This statement is true when it comes to weight loss. If you’re just too lazy to take care of yourself, you have to consider that, but you don’t have to use a rigid diet program. Moreover, it can be harmful to health.

Diet plan for fat and preobesity

The best solution to the problem would be to revise your diet and start playing sports. You can’t go to the gym but train at home, but this has to be done. Yoga, Pilates, or swimming can be great ways to fight fat. We are not saying it will be easy for you. But you have to try. Once you get your body in shape, you don’t want to lose shape anymore. Also, remember that it is not necessary to lose weight quickly, but correctly.

Many women make severe mistakes by using various methods to lose weight fast. If you find yourself overweight, don’t panic; take care of your body. If you continue to do nothing, the consequences can be dire.

We have already said that overweight is the intermediate stage, and obesity is the first stage. This disease, in turn, can cause the development of other rather serious diseases – diabetes or even oncology. Although getting rid of excess weight is relatively easy, medication is often required to treat obesity.

All nutritionists unanimously declare that with obesity, it is necessary to review the diet. Again, I want to reiterate that you don’t have to give up a lot of products for this. First, preparing a healthy diet that provides the body with all the essential nutrients is necessary.

Here are the basic rules for designing a nutritional plan for any stage of obesity:

  • Drink at least two liters of water during the day. It is a critical point in any nutritional plan.
  • Try not to eat more than three hours before bed. However, if you are hungry, you can eat a vegetable salad or drink a glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Reduce your portion size, but increase the number of meals throughout the day.
  • You cannot wholly avoid flour products with sweets, but do not consume them in large quantities.
  • It’s definitely worth giving up chips and fast food. Instead of these foods, it is better to eat vegetables.
  • Your diet should be varied, and you should not give up, for example, meat in favor of vegetables. The nutrition plan should include a variety of sources of all nutrients.
  • Replace sugar with honey because it is a healthy product. It contains not only fructose but also many nutrients.

By following these simple rules, you can create a high-quality nutrition plan that will help you lose excess weight. It is essential not to overeat, so the stomach does not overflow after eating. It will normalize the functioning of the digestive system. It is now recommended to all nutritionists, not just overweight people.


Physical activity for preobesity

As mentioned above, you need to combine proper nutrition with exercise to get the best results. It will allow you to lose fat first and then maintain average body weight. We are well aware that today every person has a lot of daily issues that need to be solved.

However, reluctance to play sports should not be attributed to a lack of free time. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to lose weight. All exercise increases the body’s energy consumption and speeds up metabolism. For starters, try walking more.

If work is not far from home, walk to it and back. Only use public transport if necessary. Also, give up on the elevator and go up the stairs to your floor. Of course, it will be difficult for you at first because your body is not yet used to new living conditions. However, it adapts quickly enough.

In addition to increasing energy expenditure, walking helps strengthen the muscles of the legs; you can use them to tighten the buttocks. Don’t forget morning exercises that take a quarter of an hour to complete. If you do simple exercises regularly, you will not notice how involved you are. You will quickly find that more intensive training will lead to more significant results. Start going to the gym or working out at home twice a week. The duration of the lesson should be about an hour. The advantage of training in the gym is the possibility of consultation with a fitness instructor. He will help you create the right training program and choose the optimal starting load.

Then you can practice on your own and get excellent results. As soon as you regain your previous shape, you will immediately forget obesity like a nightmare. However, it would help if you did not calm down, and you must continue to eat right and do sports.

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