Solarium: harm and benefit


Solarium; is it healthy? Do you like to be a tanned skin tone even when summer is off-season? Then read about the pros and cons of tanning in a tanning bed. Now is the chance to get chocolate brown for everyone, regardless of the season. A few sessions in the tanning bed help to turn a woman into a sexy “chocolate quickly.” Is everything so clear and straightforward? Perhaps behind such a seemingly harmless method, there is a natural enemy for our body. Let’s look at the pros and cons before we pass judgment.

The benefits of the solarium, a tanning bed

  • The solarium is gentler on the skin than the sun’s rays. The equipment of modern solariums allows you to control the ratio of beneficial and harmful radiation. Ultraviolet light promotes the production of vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones and teeth, which is very useful in winter.
  • The solarium is an excellent anti-depressant. Since we need sun in the winter, the production of serotonin, commonly known as the “happiness hormone,” decreases significantly. Sunlight, mimicking sunlight, increases its production in the brain. Going to a conservatory is a great way to eliminate the winter doldrums lacking the sun and heat.
  • This tanning method helps to increase immunity. Under UV rays, our protective cells become more active, increasing their number in the body. The immune system works better. Therefore: increased efficiency, effectiveness, and resistance to colds.
  • A moderate visit to the tanning bed is the way to beauty. First, of course, the skin takes on a pleasant golden color. Second, small doses of UV radiation have an anti-inflammatory effect on pimples and control sebum production.

The key knows when to stop. It is worth slightly crossing the line; you will get many negative consequences described below.


Solarium; Sun damage

  • The sunbed is a terrible enemy for the skin. Yes! Such are the contradictions. In the previous paragraph, we discussed exposure to only low doses of UV rays. Excessive quantities cause aging (so-called “photo genesis”), pigmentation, and excessive sebum secretion. The skin becomes dry, and swelling is possible. It is also worth remembering that people with acne should not visit this place because it will only increase inflammation.
  • Technical tanning is one of the allergens. With the increased sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet light, allergic reactions can develop.
  • The solarium is prohibited from visiting people with many moles, skin diseases, etc. Most skin diseases develop through radiation exposure.
  • An enthusiastic visit to this institution can be pregnant with cancer. Regular visits to the solarium increase the chance of melanoma by 75%. Owners and owners of light skin should be conscientious.

After all, you have read, can you now conclude whether it is worth visiting the conservatory?! My opinion is, not worth it, because you can always be patient and wait for summer. If possible, it is enough to go abroad to warm areas and enjoy natural sunlight. And with the arrival of the warm season, try to make the most of it (but here, you should also sunbathe wisely and in moderation) so that later in the winter, there is no need to run to the tanning bed.

Always be beautiful, not tanned, and remember that health comes first!


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