How to Plan the Ultimate Getaway Trip with Friends


Do you have thoughts of your next holiday seared into your mind? Are you in countdown mode until you can take a vacation and get a break from the hustle and bustle of work and home life? Do you want to plan a memorable trip, filled with laughs and fabulous experiences? If so, it may be time to plan a trip with your best buddies. Traveling with friends is completely different from a family holiday and for that reason, it requires a different kind of planning. Here’s a look at some top tips for planning the ultimate getaway trip with friends.

Keep the Group Relatively Small

While it may be tempting to travel with a large group of friends, this can cause a lot of stress and trouble. It can be tougher to get flights together, find a hotel that can accommodate all, book activities, and even travel around visiting attractions. Instead, it’s best to keep it to a small close-knit group of friends. You can always travel with another group at a later date. Anywhere from four to six people maximum is usually the perfect group size.

What Time of Year Will You Be Traveling?

Settling on the time of year can be more difficult than you may have assumed, as everyone’s holiday time has to line up. Some friends may only be allowed to book holidays during a particular time of year. The date you decide can help to determine the destinations that appeal to you.

Make the Trip Activity-Based

Another tip is to make the trip activity based. The activity you choose can then determine the location/destination, accommodations, itinerary, and even the length of stay. Of course, everyone needs to agree on the activity so it’s wise to discuss it well in advance.

A great example of a popular activity-based getaway with friends is golfing. Using a golf trip planner can be a fabulous idea as they will go over all the important questions with you and your friends, making sure that the details are worked out and that the perfect holiday is arranged. You may wish to stick to one course on your holiday or visit a number if there are options at that destination.

Golfing isn’t the only activity-based holiday; really, anything that interests you and your friends and gets you out of the hotel and being active will count. Other ideas can be:

All of these ideas tend to have certain countries and regions that specialize in the sport/activity.

Guided Tours Alleviate the Stress of Planning

If you’re not the type that enjoys planning and you find it overwhelming, then a guided tour or a fully guided vacation can be ideal. This takes all the responsibility off you and your friends’ shoulders and leaves it with the professional tour guide. You may wish to schedule a half-day or full-day tour, or a fully guided trip from start to finish.

What can be fun are themed tours, which so many destinations now offer. This allows the group to pick a theme that interests them and then immerse themselves in everything that the location has to offer. Some examples of popular theme tours include:

  • Food and wine
  • History
  • Art
  • Architecture
  • Shopping
  • Theme parks
  • Festivals/events

Even if you just book a basic city tour it can still provide everyone with a day of fun and zero stress. Depending on the size of your group you may wish to book a personalized tour or join a large tour group.

Trip with Friends
Trip with Friends

Don’t Over-Stuff the Itinerary

While it can be tempting to stuff the itinerary leaving little to no free time, the problem is that it can end up being too rushed. This takes away from the enjoyment and relaxation that a holiday should provide. Instead, be sure to leave blocks of free time where you can fill it with activities that catch your interest or even enjoy a little quiet alone time. It’s all about being flexible at the moment.

Plan and Book Well in Advance

The final tip is to make sure you’re using all these tips, doing your planning and research, and booking well in advance. This ensures that the group can get everything they want and not find things that are sold out.

The ultimate getaway trip with friends is something everyone should experience at least once in life. It’s a unique style of holiday that you’ll appreciate every moment of. These tips will take the stress out of the process.

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