DyStyle Etsy Store Review

As a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, DyStyle Etsy store simply caught my eye in a way i can’t even explain!
C. Diana is the owner of this amazing Etsy store, and the store is a celebration of old-fashion styles and trends. From head-bands to dresses, this store is defiantly showing the beautiful never ending side of the best years of fashion history.

Taking you from 1920 to 1960, there’s nothing you can think of that symbolizes these times that Diana doesn’t have in her Etsy shop! Diana’s DyStyle is giving you a massive Throw Back and can enrich your wardrobe with Retro dresses, Rockabilly accessorise and defiantly PIN YOU UP!

pinup-head-band-diana-etsy-store-dystyle-6890065With Love From Italy

Based in Venezia, Italy, Diana makes her own dresses and ships them worldwide, so every woman can enjoy a new handmade retro dress. All the dresses in her Etsy store are made with measurements of the buyer (If requested). Most of the dresses are displayed in 1 colour bat Diana offers a variety of fabrics you can choose from… So basically you are getting your own personal PinUp dressmaker for reasonable prices (Starting from $39). Diana also offers a variety of accessorise that could create a great “blast from the past” look and add style to your daily outfits.

PinUp isn’t just for Halloween, and dressing like you’re in the 30’s is not just for theme parties… Just take a tour around Diana’s DyStyle Etsy store and see how you can upgrade your day to day look with handmade retro items, made with love.

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