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wedding shopping accessories

Wedding season is here and if you haven’t got the chance to order wedding shopping accessories- it’s not too late! Most items for your wedding would be cheaper if you order them online, like a wedding dress, wedding shoes, a bride’s bag and more.. But these things take time to reach you… This Etsy store I found can provide you with a product instantly after purchasing it- and you’re gonna want to have some of their designs!

Oh Boy Love It Digital

Is the name of a great Etsy store that can provide you with amazing, funny and witty graphics for your big day. Store owner, Mary Veluz, defines herself as a serial crafter, one who likes to create things, crafts, and use them to make people happy. Living in Montreal, QC, Canada, Mary designs awesome prints for you to use on your big day! These prints vary from signs announcing the bride, flattering the bride, displaying food & beverage sections, and even provide amusement for the little guests of the wedding- kids! You can find signs that are meant for people to order taxis, reminding them that driving under the influence of alcohol is ill advised, and even signs telling people not to forget to take a selfie while waiting! Here are some of the awesome signs I found at Mary’s Etsy store:

Prices vary from $0.25 to $4, and they are worth every penny!
So start your wedding shopping now!

wedding shopping accessories
wedding shopping accessories

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