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Family Farm Knits N More

When Elizabeth Bigley decided to open her Etsy store “Family Farm Knits N More” she didn’t do it out of her desire to sell big and own a business. She just like Knitting! Raising 4 kids and homeschooling them in the great state of Texas is a hard enough task, but Elizabeth found that knitting relaxes her and helps her pass the time, having fun and creating beautiful pieces of treasure.
In her Etsy store you’d be able to find hand cloths, baby hats, little girl’s hair accessories, knitted unique coasters and even Communion gifts like her magnificent knitted rosaries.

I cannot emphasys enough how important it is to purchase handmade goods. When shopping on Etsy, at shops like Elizabeth’s you are not only getting unique and quality items, but you are also supporting real people, real families, and that’s so much more important than supporting and funding large stores and chains. So have a look at some of the unique items I have found at “Family Farm Knits N More”, you might find something you fancy for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, all while supporting someone just like you!

Family Farm Knits N More
Family Farm Knits N More

Store ships worldwide from the US– so get started!

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