Plastic Post Earrings, Keychains, Bookmarks & Gifts.

Celia Currin is the owner of a crazy little Etsy gift shop called Kerr Lake Gifts.

In her store, she sells beautiful sweet tokens and gifts like post earrings, keychain straps, bookmarks, ID lanyards, hair pins and more.
If I’d have to define who this shop is “good for” I’d say that if you’re looking for a gift for a teen- Celia would pretty much have what you need! (You might also find stuff in her store to fit women who are teens in spirit and love to accessorize with a sense of nostalgia!).

Celia, shipping her special accessories and gifts worldwide, resides in North Carolina.
She always had a “thing” for creating and being creative, but her favorite thing to make, and the focus of her store- is earrings. The beginning of Celia’s love for earrings was… Unique.

When I got my ears pierced as a child I noticed when I wore earrings my ears would get red, start oozing and swell up. After a couple of trips to the doctors office they finally told me I was allergic to nickel. I tried all kinds of earrings over the years, surgical steel, stainless steel, solid gold, silver, you name it I tried it and I could never wear them. One day I happened upon these plastic post just searching the web, that’s when the light bulb went off. I could make my own earrings. So I ordered the post and started making my own earrings, that I could actually wear without any discomfort.

From a need she had, to a creative outlet, to a business.
And approaching the 1000 sales mark- Celia’s plastic post earrings are the new trend!

Leaving a trail of happy clients behind, Celia’s store is one place you’ll always be able to count on to surprise you and place a smile on your face!

Visit her store today!

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