Funny Tees & Mugs Gift Shop

While some Etsy sellers are crafters, using their hands to hand make a variety of items, other Etsy sellers are using graphic design to make ordinary items into unique and funny presents for the people we love!

A shop that showcases these kind of witty graphic skills is MagicalBlack.
The team of designers behind MagicalBlack Etsy shop is “painting” on 2 pieces of “canvas”- black tshirts and black mugs. A simple design of white (or yellow) text over black is like their shop’s dress-code, making the words pop at you as you read them.

In this shop you’ll be able to find a gift for practically anyone! Mom, dad, grandad, auntie. And also- for any TYPE of person- vegan, sport enthusiast, LGBT member, or anyone who simply needs a good word or a little more inspiration and love in their daily lives (Hey, you might even find an awesome tshirt or mug- for yourself!).

Here are some of my favorite black tees and sweet mugs from MagicalBlack:

See more at MagicalBlack Etsy shop!

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