Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, and even Buffy- wore clothes from this shop!


Etsy, the online shopping mall for handmade goods, attracts different people who make and craft different items to sell worldwide. While a majority of the sellers on Etsy are small businesses opened by people looking for an extra income, some of the shops on Etsy are actually local shops- looking to expand worldwide!

This is the case with Venus & Mars Boutique, a successful Canadian fashion brand, that has been selling amazing and unique steampunk and festival clothing for over 25 years!!

Opened just last years for a worldwide crowd, the designers and employees of Venus & Mars are giving you the best of creative wear- with unique items you wouldn’t find anywhere else!

If some of the items in this shop seem familiar to you and you kinda feel like you’ve seen them before… It’s cause you probably have!

If you’ve been watching Van Helsing, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, and other CRAZY COOL television shows- you’ve seen what Venus & Mars are all about… Actually, this shop has such deep roots in the Scifi community- that some of their items were actually shown on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

If you want to learn more about Venus & Mars Boutique – visit their Etsy shop today!

You’re promised a creative walk-through fashion that is timeless!

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