The Sparkling Creative Outlet of Brenda Scroggins

One of the reasons why I love Etsy so much is that it’s so much more than an online shopping website.
If you look at other websites, like eBay or Ali Express, you could also find people selling their handmade items, but Etsy is more unique in the people it attracts to it… A lot of them were not professional crafters, just everyday Joe’s and Jane’s finding love and joy in a hobby, and later on finding financial freedom from that same hobby.


One of those people is Brenda Scroggins. Suffering from Lupus and RA, Brenda had her down days… As any of us would have when having any chronic illness. But, in these moments of “down”, Brenda found a creative outlet… Blinging-out tshirts for women and children.

This way, she could take the time she was home due to her illness and use it to create something that sparkles.

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