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One of the things I love most in Etsy shopping is the fact that some people can take the things they don’t use and recycle them into amazing artworks… That allows the buyers to enjoy extremely unique products, as well as knowing that the seller they bought from is leaving a good impact on our earth with their merchandise.

A good example for that would be TheUpcycleCoStore Etsy store- filled with things that had NO USE and now turned into amazing art!

They use old CDs and old Vinyls to create new and exciting things, amazing wall art, key-chain-holders and even coasters. Here are my favorite items from this seller:

I really like how this seller uses her Instagram account to show the items in their natural form, with no special editing- just sitting there- doing their job!

This Etsy store is owned by Amishi Shah, and she is selling her fantastic creations worldwide all the way from India! This seller is actually really cool with her self introduction on Etsy, and here’s what she wrote about herself:

Holding a Bachelor’s in Finance and Master’s in International Management with a passion for Latin dancing I choose to be a full-time Upcycler !

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