Sunshine Girl Designs

Somewhere in Tennessee, United States, there’s a talented woman called Melanie Sunshine Underwood- and this post is about her and her unique touch of the brush.

I love art- of any kind, but mostly canvas. I just feel like getting an original canvas painting is so much more fulfilling than simply purchasing a canvas print from IKEA. I like the OOAK idea of it (one of a kind) and the feeling that you can use something so unique to give character to your home. Melanie does it well !

In her Etsy store, Sunshine Girl Designs, she sells unique canvas paintings, painted using acrylic colors, alongside welcome signs and a touch of fashion with tassel earrings.
Her work can fit so many places and people… From floral acrylic paintings that I’m sure my grandma would love- to super artistic animal canvases that would look so cute in a nursery. And… Well, I can write for ages- but have a look at what I loved in her store and you’ll see what I mean:

If you want to see more from this talented woman you could like her Facebook page and always stay up to date… Or even better- follow her and HEART her items straight on her ETSY page 🙂

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