5 Etsy Stores To End Your Weekend


It’s Sunday night- and I am spending it on Etsy! Etsy is the best place to do your online shopping for 3 reasons: 1. most products are handmade (some are vintage collectables) making sure you get something different that what everybody else is wearing or purchasing for their home. 2. Since there is such a big variety of stores on Etsy, owned by private people, you could see so many unique items that would make your day! Original print shirts, amazing handmade crochet items, cool graphic work for wedding invitations, and don’t even get me started with the jewelry and fashion… Amazing!

3. You are supporting small businesses by REAL people instead of sponsoring your local WallMart branch. And that is always a good thing!

So- here are my 5 favorite Etsy stores from this weekend “trip” I took to Etsy:

SenseOfCustomShop – Screen Printed Apparel and Gift Items

Such amazing and unique styled items that would fit everyone! A variety of Tshirts, sweatshirts, and other fashion items all hand designed with important slogan like this sweatshirt that talks about the latest problem America is facing: Black Lives Matter!

Store ships worldwide from United States.

7ProductGroup – Vinyl Wall Decals, Words, Lettering, Phrases, Quotes

This Etsy seller basically helps you decorate your home with stickers, wall art and more. Unlike other Etsy sellers- this seller would also help you make a simple wooden board- spectacular! My favorite item from this store is this Luxurious padded espresso-colored faux leather, containing the full coverage for your bed’s Headboard, footboard and wood slats… isn’t it amazing?

Store ships worldwide from United States

TDNCreations – Earth-friendly artisan silver and gold jewelry

Enjoy handcrafted jewelry with this lovely Etsy store! It took my several minutes to choose my favorite item, since they were all so cool- but my favorite is without a doubt this amazing sterling silver birthstone ring, which you could customize to fit your own birthstone!

Store ships worldwide from Canada

AnchorsandAngelWings – Decorative Wooden Inspirational Signs

This store simply gave me the best item in the world to get for my best friend’s birthday! She’s a freelancer, living off of coffee, so when I saw a sign that says “God grant me the coffee to change the things I can and the wine to accept the things I can’t change”- I knew it’s for her! Store also offers a variety of wooden signs with personalized messages and statements to fit everyone- highly recommended!

Store only ships within United States.

longmu – wedding dresses in different styles

A wedding dress- customized to your size- in about a tenth of a price you’d fine it anywhere else- isn’t that amazing? longmu Etsy store offers a large variety of wedding dressed and formal gown, but this is my favorite one- simple and classic:

Store ships worldwide from China

So, where did you “go” online shopping at this week’s end?

nicky-allen-crazy4etsy-100x100-1971027 Nicky Allen

Hey Ya’ll, I’m Nicky Allen, new to this whole blogging thing, but love online shopping, especially Etsy, and would love to write some cool articles about the products I like and the online stores I love 🙂

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