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Prom dress: Choosing the color and style

Prom dress

Prom dress, we choose a dress for graduation according to the type of image, color type, rules for choosing clothes for girls by hair color, and fashionable style in 2022. Choosing the color and style of a ball gown is an important moment in every girl’s life. After all, this ball means the ball of school life and the beginning of an adult. To be the real queen of the evening, you need to think of the film down to the smallest detail.

Rules for choosing a  prom dress for graduation after making a photo

In order for the dress to fit you perfectly and emphasize all your advantages, it is necessary to determine the type of image correctly. Only then can you choose a fashionable ball gown for this season.

Available types:

  • Triangle … With this silhouette, it is necessary to lighten the top as much as possible, so it is better to give a dress with bare shoulders, slanted curtains, and an airy skirt. This will give the silhouette balance: top to bottom. A well-chosen necklace will complete the look.
  • Apples … Wide belts, peppers, or curtains in the waist area will help to eliminate the flaw in this photo. Do not forget the lace inserts, which will add lightness and grace to the silhouette.
  • Pear … With such an image you cannot choose shiny fabrics, tight dresses, and gadget dresses. These styles will emphasize your hips and visually enlarge them. To balance the bottom and top, choose a dress with a high waist or low neckline.
  • Rectangle … This silhouette does not like monochrome models. Contrasts are important to him, so dresses with a lace stripe along the neckline and waistline will be a great choice.

Once you have defined your own body type, you can start choosing the color of your costume.

Choosing a color for a prom dress

For 2016 graduates, designers offer a wide range of different dress models and color palettes. Floral motifs and national ornaments have returned to fashion. But the prints are already outdated.

How to choose a dress for a ball that matches your skin tone

There are many nuances that directly affect how the dress will look on you. It seems that skin color is so slight, but without it, the queen’s clothes will make you a pale shade.

If you have milky skin, go for turquoise, green, and black. Models with geometric patterns will look great.

Owners of dark skin will look beautiful in peach, bronze, gold, and beige tones. This will emphasize the natural tone and fill it with light.

If you have pink skin, try coral, pearl, silver, and gray tones for yourself. You will be irresistible in them.

What color of prom dress to choose for a full girl?

A small picture is not a reason to look down on the ball. You just need to determine the color scheme correctly, which will emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages.

To begin with, we note that pastel, white, and yellow tones are visually filled. That’s why you should not even waste your time in dresses like this. But blue, light blue, emerald, purple, deep red, and burgundy tones stretch the image and reduce it visually.

It should be noted that dress models should be chosen with a V-neck or high waist. This will hide your imperfect stomach and visually lengthen your vision.

The option of an evening dress for a ball with open shoulders looks good. You can choose a model with a multi-layered skirt. So for example, one skirt is made of dense satin and one or two of light chiffon are on top.

When choosing a model with floral print, do not opt ​​for large colors and cross-sectional ornaments. Such a pattern visually expands.

Take advantage of the combination and choose dresses from several colors. So the top can be lighter and the bottom darker.

How to choose the color of a slim girl ball gown

Sometimes a delicate image becomes a problem for a girl. Do not be upset if in your opinion there are not enough processes in certain places, but it is better to choose the right color combination for the outfit.

Dark saturated tones will give the image an angle and increase the sensitivity even further. Warm pastels and light colors will make your image fuller and wider. Blue, coral, pink, and white look great.

If you are tall and thin, choose an elegant outfit with a draped skirt. You have beautiful legs and a thin waist, so you should focus on this and choose a model with a wide layered skirt.

Pink and blue dresses with open arms will look great, but only on the condition that your collar frames do not protrude much. Do not forget the models with bright large patterns or ornaments, which visually add weight to a delicate image.

What color of the prom dress is fashionable in 2022

For the owners of a standard image, the designers named the fashion tones of dresses for prom 2016. There are so many of them that each graduate can choose the best option for themselves.

In the development of colors: pastel, burgundy, milky, deep blue, coral, beige, cornflower blue, gray, black, and greenish-blue.

Folk ornaments and floral patterns are in vogue. Dresses with them look gentle and graceful and emphasize the femininity and freshness of the girl. Especially with the right accessories.

Choosing a dress for a ball that matches your hair color

In addition to skin color, which plays an important role in choosing a dress, hair color is also important. By choosing the “right” dress, you can emphasize the depth of the shade of your curls, and make your facial expressions more expressive.

Prom dress for brunettes

Burning brunettes look great in colorful and vivid colors. If we talk about colors, then you need to choose from the following colors: purple, dark green, black, maroon, ultramarine, and sea wave.

Brunette girls are one of the few that match neon tones. You can definitely pay attention to dresses of bright blue, light green, and bright purple colors. To balance the look, you should choose a discreet accessory.

You should not choose dresses of pale tones; they will be lost against the bright look.

If your skin is pale and your hair is dark, then clothes of warm colors, such as pale yellow, charcoal gray, caramel, sand, and light purple, will suit your face. Remember the softer the shade of the dress, the brighter the look will stand out. In addition to the color scheme, be sure to consider the features of your image.

Prom dress for brown-haired women

For this type of girl, bright and rich colors are not the best choice. So, for example, the color of the green grass gives an earthy complexion to the face and a deep blue – excessive complexion. The same can be said for yellow, orange, and snow-white.

Sometimes even the black color of a girl’s appearance does not change for the better. Choose the colors that will highlight your look as much as possible from the following: Pastel colors (blue, pink, beige), silver-gray, brown, olive oil, mustard, juicy green, purple, and canary.

There are a large number of curly tones in women with brown hair, so there is no need to give out tones. In each case, the color scheme is made individually. In this case, you need to take into account skin color and eye color.

Prom dress for blondes

The stylish, luxurious blonde looks great in vibrant, saturated colors. But the pastel scale is able to extinguish and make their image disappear. In addition, you should not choose purple, yellow, or bright orange for yourself. These tones can make you look tired and sad.

But the following color combination will give you a royal look: deep blue, deep black, safari, and cream, pearl green, turquoise, and sea wave.

The choice of dress must be made along with accessories. It so happens that the wrong color looks different with jewelry or belts.

Prom dress
Prom dress

Prom dress for redheads

For bright red hair, the best color is green and all its variants. Another winning tone is blue, especially saturated. In such a dress, every red-haired girl will look regal.

All blue and light blue colors will look good: turquoise, aqua, navy blue, denim, and so on.

All orange colors are yours too. However, do not overdo it with bright red, bright green, bright yellow, and bright orange. Too much can make you an overripe fruit.

Almost all colors are suitable for red, but there are somewhere girls that will look a little less favorable: black, coral, dark gray, burgundy, purple, and brown.

Prom dress for blondes

Many girls with light brown hair think that they are unlucky with their hair color, so they try to get rid of it if possible. However, this is a misunderstanding. All colors of the color palette are suitable for girls with light brown hair, so it is easiest to find a ball gown for them. It is only necessary to take into account the characteristics of the image.

The blonde woman will look great in delicate pastels, warm gray, green, yellow, purple, and so on. If you have dark blonde hair, pale skin, and dark eyes, then choose dresses in light warm colors. If, on the contrary, you want to emphasize the coldness of the skin tone, then choose a green or yellow dress with dark trim.

If your hair is light blonde, then choose dresses in fresh, soft colors. If your skin is a little dark at the same time, do not get a dress in chocolate tones, otherwise, the skin will shade poorly.

The average concentration of red will give a more youthful appearance to redness and a fresh look. But orange, yellow, and gray are best used in the form of inserts on the bag, belt, and belt.

Popular style prom dress

One of the important things when choosing a dress is its style. If it is chosen correctly, then all the advantages of your image will be favorably underlined and the minor disadvantages that bother you will be hidden.

Long prom dress

One of the most sought-after prom dresses is a floor-length dress. It looks flawless, emphasizes beauty and grace, and shows the unique image of femininity you have created. In addition, it is easy to add such a dress with accessories. It is easy to choose shoes and models of handbag for it.

A large part of long dresses has a V-top with open shoulders and a bare back. Such models look great with coats, scarves, chairs, etc.

For overweight girls, a long evening dress with small open inserts or interesting embellishments will be a great solution. Slim girls are suitable for dresses with a picture with a flowing skirt.

Do not forget about an interesting singer like Jenifer’s “mermaid tail”.

Short prom dress

This year, short dresses in white or beige are very popular. These tones will emphasize the tenderness and freshness of the girl. If you are overweight, choose a dress with contrasting inserts.

If you are the owner of long legs and slim figures, then a small cocktail dress or box version looks good on you.

Beautiful waist and breasts are well underlined by models with fluffy skirts and draped or simple bodices. It can be a ball gown or a floral version.

If you are a shy woman, choose a model for yourself according to the type of school uniform. With this option, there is no neckline and the length of the skirt reaches the middle of the knees. In order for the dress not to look too original and heavy, it should be made of a light flowing material.

Prom dress with a train for the ball

One of the fashion options this year is dresses with trains. Such models can have a long and short skirt, and a top with open shoulders, a corset, or small sleeves.

If you want to stand out, then you should give priority to the combination dress. In such models, one material can be the base and a light train is made of chiffon or silk.

Today, such models are available in short or medium length by train with buttons or decorative fasteners. This option is very convenient. In fact, during the solemn ceremony, you surprise everyone with fabulous outfits, and when it’s time to have fun, the train leaves, and you are left in a gorgeous short dress. And nothing stops you from dancing.

Prom dress with fluffy skirts

A dress with a full skirt is the outfit of an adventure princess. But this is exactly what every graduate student wants to feel when she goes to the ball. In addition, this style best emphasizes the girl’s youth and freshness. If you have a beautiful waist and chest, then this version of the dress will suit you perfectly.

Models with fluffy skirts can be short, long, and midi. In addition, they may contain the torso and crinoline. The latter is good for the celebration, but on the dance floor, it will be uncomfortable to move in them.

If you are not very tall, choose a dress with a fluffy knee-length skirt, but the hair will be good in long models. Small breasts can be visually enlarged by choosing a breast-less dress from the shoulder.

For girls with a rectangular figure, a top with thin straps and a fluffy knee-length skirt is ideal. This option will add femininity to the image and make the silhouette graceful.

Greek-style knit for the prom dress

The Greek style has remained appropriate, stylish, and feminine for many years. Thanks to the spacious flying silhouette, it completely hides image defects and emphasizes the advantages.

Among other styles, this one is distinguished by an emphasis on the bodice with one or two straps, the presence of multiple curtains, possibly asymmetrical hem, and jewelry on the body, straps, belts, necessarily high waist, and the use of light flowing fabric.

The length of the dress depends solely on you and your preferences. It is easy to choose accessories and shoes for models in this style.

Note that the flying silhouette of such a dress suits the owners of any image, and it is especially good for girls with small breasts.

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