Handmade Dichroic Glass Jewelry & Vintage Glass Items

Today I’m all into glass jewelry, featuring a beautiful 5 star rated Etsy shop- by the name of GlassMusician!

Owned by Michelle Herrmann, from Massachusetts, USA, this shop is a great place to get your glass-jewelry-fix or even get some vintage glass items to make your own jewelry (or to decorate your home and Xmas tree).

What I loved most about Michelle’s Glass corner on Etsy, is the fact that you can get whatever you want-
You can choose to purchase amazing glass earrings, made to perfection- in amazing colors!

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You can have her ship you some of her amazing glass decorative hair clips, her glass pendants, and even beautiful bracelets!

The vibe is of a mermaid- with Michelle’s special blue and green glass jewelry items- that every mermaid girl would simply adore!

If you like this style- go ahead and visit Michelle’s Etsy shop- GlassMusician, and favorite it on Etsy- so you’d always have access to her newest items!

Visit GlassMusician Etsy shop today!

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