Beautiful Christmas Wreaths & Christmas Bows

You can decorate your entire home for Christmas, but we all know that the holiday cheer starts when you reach the front door! Get your door all Christmas-y with beautiful handmade Christmas Wreaths by Ting!

Ting’s Christmas wreaths, sold on his Etsy shop- Celestial Wreaths, are a work of art- meant to make sure everyone approaching will know that the holiday season has arrived to your door-step!

His shop specializes in making beautiful and cheerful wreaths for any occasion and any season, but since it’s the winter holiday season- you’ll only see XMAS items here! (If you want to see other front door festive wreaths by Ting- click HERE!).

Handmade in New Jersey, USA, Ting’s wreath shop has a mission!

Celestial Wreaths is a customer centric company focused on providing quality products and friendly service. We make every wreath we sell by hand focusing on detail, beauty and durability. We have made it our mission to continue designing and developing new products that meet our customers’ needs and that will bring warmth and holiday cheer to any home. (from Ting’s shop bio section)

Blue Christmas Winter Wreaths

Another great idea for your Christmas front door wreath is to place a winter-y wreath design of a flower arrangement in calm, winter colors, like blue and silver.

Christmas tree bow toppers!

On top of making and selling the most unique Christmas wreaths on Etsy, Ting is also making beautiful Christmas bows- big enough to be Christmas tree toppers!
Here are some of my personal favorite Christmas tree toppers from Celestial Wreaths Etsy shop:

Like what you see?
Go to Celestial Wreaths Etsy shop for more beautiful and unique Christmas Wreaths

and Christmas tree toppers!

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