Magic, Candles & Readings – done by a hoodoo hussy!

Magic, Candles & Readings – done by a hoodoo hussy!

At the end of 2017 I wrote here in the blog about a woman called Moma Delia. She has just had 6000 sales in her Etsy store, Homemade Hoodoo, and I loved seeing how people reviewed her services and products and said how much it helped them to get in touch with her and acquire her services as a professional magic mama.

I came back to Moma Delia today and saw that her store has really grown and develop- offering more amazing services, and with more than 7600 buyers already- that gave her an average of 5 stars.

Can Moma Delia help you?

Well, my father always said that God helps those who help themselves, and I took that sentence on in life, and it’s true- in regards to anything and anyone.
If you have a need to sort something out with yourself- if you feel like you need a special kind of help– talk to Moma Delia- believe that she can help you- and you’ll be helping yourself already. If you aren’t in Moma Delia’s area, it might be help to check out a legitimate Psychic Advisor in your area. Debra Hall is a good example of legitmate psychic support if you live in the Toronto area. But back to Moma Delia and her fantastic services.

Soaps, bath salts & oils are only a fraction of what Moma Delia sells in her store. The real help and service comes from her “services” listings- a way for her to read you your fortune, past and present with her Tarot deck.

Moma Delia is no child-beginner.. With 30+years of being a professional psychic and card reader, Moma Delia specializes in love and money spells, making sure that your world will change for the better.
Another great way to let in some of Moma Delia’s spirit into your world is through her candle collection filled with Hoodoo candles that will cleanse the air they burn in.

You can read more about Moma Delia’s special services and products on her Etsy store, and if ever you need something from her you could always find her there or in her Instagram account.

Go to Homemade Hoodoo Etsy shop to learn more

Magic, Candles & Readings – done by a hoodoo hussy!
Magic, Candles & Readings – done by a hoodoo hussy!

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