Beautiful Custom Metalwork by a Former US Marine

Beautiful Custom Metalwork by a Former US Marine

Former US marine Chris is one talented man, and his Etsy shop, 4PhaseFabrication, is proof of that!
In his Etsy shop, and also online website, Chris is making beautiful custom metalwork of different kinds… And you might not have thought about this matter before- but you too could have a use for his talented hands….

The use of personalized metalwork and signs is quite huge… And just by looking at some of the custom metal signs that Chris made- i can tell you that they are truly here for any purpose!

Custom metal signs for businesses

There are many ways of displaying the name of your business, your logo, or a service you provide. For businesses with a large entrance, for example, a custom logo metal sign might be the way to make the BEST first impression!

Families and metal signs

Have a ranch? a large entrance through a garden? or simply looking for a unique wall art piece? Chris probably has an idea for that… uniquely crafted custom signs with your family name or initials could help decorate your front porch, hang above your drive way entrance, or even decorate the walls of your home (especially the wall above the fireplace- where you wouldn’t normally put anything that could be damaged by a little heat…)

Other ideas for personalized metal signs

Coming from Chris’ own military background- you’ll be able to find some interesting military metal signs, as well as signs with GPS coordinates to mark a significant place in your life.

This Etsy shop and business has been an amazing adventure for Chris, and with more than 3500 sales (on Etsy alone!!)- here’s how it all started: (taken from Chris’ bio)

I discovered a passion for metalworking 10+ years ago and have been keeping busy ever since. I enjoy the challenge of problem solving, finding innovative solutions, developing new designs, learning and broadening my skills.

All of the items you see in my shop are my own design. Some items are finished, while others are left raw to develop natural patina over time. Some include welded elements, the common theme being they all are made to last! They make great enduring gifts for friends and family for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or a housewarming.

If you can “see” it- Chris can make it!

On top of the items you see on Chris’ Etsy shop and website– you can also use his services to design something just for you! If you have a special request or need something very specific– contact Chris via the Etsy msg board- and your metal wishes shall be granted!
In fact, here are 3 granted wishes right here- posted by the buyers on Chris’ Etsy shop

If you like what you see here– go ahead and get social with Chris and his metalwork! One Like or Follow and you get to see all of his new works, and be the first to hear of any potential sale or deal!

Beautiful Custom Metalwork by a Former US Marine
Beautiful Custom Metalwork by a Former US Marine

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Chris’ personal website/shop.

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