5 Etsy Sellers Say Why The Love Etsy So Much

5 Etsy Sellers Say

4 days ago, on Valentine’s Day, The Women Team posted a small and interesting question in one of our posts- why do you love selling on Etsy? We promised to look at the comments and pick 5 Etsy sellers say commenters and share their stores with your gals- and here are the comments that managed to melt our hearts:

 It has been an amazing experience

My name is Ella and I’ve been running my Etsy store LunaLotusUK for around a year now. I design, make and sell screen printed space-inspired clothing and gifts all handmade in my home studio. My favourite product of mine is my glow in the dark Full Moon Hoodie:

It has been an amazing experience to watch my Etsy shop grow since 2016 and each month it has grown further has boosted my confidence more and more. One of my favourite things about Etsy is all the wonderful, helpful and caring communities online. They have helped me so much to make my shop into what it is today and I have made some really lovely friends there too. 🙂 I also love that Etsy is very supportive of its sellers and that there is so much information available on their site on how to optimise your listings and shop!

Elle Daniel-Lowe is the proud owner of Luna Lotus UK Etsy store- selling various items such as t-shirts, hoodies, cards, bags and seasonal gifts Worldwide from the UK. Her items could be ones to decorate your home, or improve your wardrobe, and here’s our favorite item from her store:

 Proud to be amongst such amazing crafters

Hi, I have been on Etsy for a couple of years. I chose it as I love being part of a handmade marketplace and am so proud to be amongst such amazing crafters. I have only recently started updating with better pictures etc and increasing my stock. There is so much information to help sellers make the best of their shop and other crafters in support/networking groups are amazing.

I make handmade cards, gifts and home decor and always get a buzz of excitement thinking that my items are in someone’s home or given as a gift. That amazing feeling never goes.

Meet Catherine Bennett and her store Caths Little Treasures! This Etsy store is simply filled with handmade goodness that will help you share the love with… someone you love! Baby shower gifts, small decorative items and more- shipped from the UK to the US and the UK. Our personal favorite is this wooden picture frame:

I found out I love creating things

My shop AddictionCrochet was born out of need. I needed to find something I loved doing. With the support of my amazing husband (Feb 14th is our second anniversary), I was able to quit the job I had been doing for 12 years. A job I loathed going to every day. He gave me the opportunity to start figuring out what I loved.

I found out I loved creating things and designing my own items. Now I am finding that I also love the challenge of trying to grow my shop each day through marketing. Opening my Etsy Store has proven to be a challenging and very satisfying journey.

Sending out orders and receiving feedback has been incredibly rewarding as well. When someone gets an item they absolutely adore, it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. I now enjoy working every day!

Penny Mabley Rosenthal from Calgary is the owner of Addiction Crochet Etsy store. If you’re a member of the Etsy groups you must have heard that the Crochet sellers often think that their line of work is dead. Saying that only the big stores can thrive, and that there are “too many players” in the field. But when we look at the creations of Penny, we can’t see why any woman would turn down the opportunity of having one of her handmade items… Items like this cool adult size tail blanket- meant to make you feel like a mermaid whenever you’re watching TV on your sofa:

The selling conditions are extremely seller friendly

My name is Kelly and I live in a small Island called Malta which is found in Europe. My main creations are handmade gemstone jewellery. Ever since I was a little girl I loved making beaded bracelets and collecting pebbles. I have now been collecting gemstones for the past three years. I love working so much with stones, both for self healing and to help others that I had decided to combine my love and passion for jewellery making and gemstone collection. I have now had my Etsy shop named K Gemstone Creations (K short for Kelly) for a little more than a year.

I have chosen to promote my items on Etsy since I originally used to purchase handmade items from the website and loved the fact that you can see everyones handmade work and appreciate their beauty. Also, the selling conditions are extremely seller friendly. It is very simple to create a listing, make your shipment options and promote your shop. Etsy also offers a good number of tips.

These words were the words of Kelly Azzopardi, the owner of KGemstoneCreations, an Etsy store all about the beauty of jewelry. Since Etsy was established in June of 2005, they have truly created an amazing market place for people to share their creations with the world, and allow consumers from all across the globe to participate in a people-to-people sales and purchases- since buying from REAL businesses is a goal we should all try to achieve!
Since we have a true PINK fan in our Women-Team we’ve chosen this item from Kelly’s store:

It’s so humbling

I love selling on Etsy. I love when people order I items I made, I designed, and I taught myself! It’s so humbling when people love something that was formed from your own two hands.

Said Crystal Bolte, the owner of KenzaTreasures Etsy store. In her store you’ll find amazing handmade jewelry items that will make you feel truly One of a Kind! It took us quite some time to decide which item we love most from Crystal’s Etsy store, but we ended up falling in love with these amazing earrings:

5 Etsy Sellers Say
5 Etsy Sellers Say

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5 Etsy Sellers Say, Best of luck to all of the sellers- keep up the good work!


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