An Etsy Shop Made From 24 Years of Sparkle

An Etsy Shop Made From 24 Years of Sparkle!

Meet Olga & Andrej- a husband and wife team that have opened the most unique Etsy store– a sparkle boutique where simple items are turned into extraordinary pieces of art – sparkling with crystals and Swarovski stones!

An Etsy Shop Made From 24 Years of Sparkle!
An Etsy Shop Made From 24 Years of Sparkle!


I would like to start off this post with something truly unique.. A video that shows just how beautiful anything could be when it’s covered in Swarovski… Especially high heels!

The happy couple is sharing their love of high-class and exclusive items on their Etsy shop MonteCrystals – and I am loving their unique items selection- high heels, necklaces, men ties, and a lot more items that have a lot of high quality BLING!

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On top of their HQ products, Olga & Andrej also have a lot of love… And they share their love and story with us on their Etsy bio: 

We are husband and wife, 24 years together (not enough), still very much in love. We have two beautiful daughters, a lovely family. All our lives we loved to create, we made plenty things, also for famous people from our beautiful country in the Alps. Since we have word LOVE in our beautiful SLOVENIA, in all our work we give lots and lots of it.


We are working with crystals for nine years, we made very special things that was in Eurovision, in Victors (in our state similar as Oscars), they are in many homes in our state and mainly…with our products sell we made happy plenty of ill children.

If you have kids.. This is the place to say that these two love birds also took their gifted minds and with them- made these amazing kids Swarovski shoes!

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