One of a Kind Artistic Bridal Crowns, Headpieces & Jewelry


If you really want something special for your wedding, for an important event or for a fashionable photoshoot- you might need to step out for a second from the USA and Uk and into a different magical world.

Kyiv, Ukrain is one of the most beautiful places to find majestic headpieces, bridal crowns and special designers jewelry for your big day.
Ukrainian designer Katerina Metamorphose has made it her mission to spread the unique style of Ukrainian women- to all of the women in the world!

After designing the most unique bridal crowns, floral headpiece and truly majestical accessories, Katerina has made them available worldwide via Etsy in her shop- MetamorphoseShop.

This unique boutique is the BEST place to find that one item that would really make you feel like a queen on your big day!

Are you ready for some daily magic??
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What you see here is just the beginning… For the full unique collection visit

MetamorphoseShop Etsy shop today!

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