Wall Art & Fashion for Dog Lovers

I write a lot about fancy Etsy shops here… Shops that have been on for ages, selling over 1000 products and really living the dream of making a living from your hobbies. However, just because a shop is there longer- doesn’t mean it’s better!
A unique graphic artist by the name of Sandra- has decided to take her talents to Etsy and make her very own shop!

Her shop is named Design Doggo, simply because she’s inspired by the world of design, and by dogs (I mean, who isn’t??)

Dogs make me happy for so many reasons.  (she says in her Etsy shop bio ) Willow our Shiba Inu, Minature Schnauzer, etc. mix keeps me grounded and teaches me gratitude every day. My kids introduced me to the term Doggo which seemed to capture how I felt about dogs:
Doggo, noun dog·go | \ ˈdȯ-(ˌ)gō A cute way of saying dog.

Sandra didn’t start an Etsy shop right away… She was just doodling some doggos and decided to post them to Instagram. Once she saw that people really liked them- it gave her the courage to take the next step- opening a shop that sells products with her designs!

AS she wanted people to be able to hold these designs- she chose Printful- a website that takes a person’s designs and prints them on high quality everyday items. For now, Sandra is selling kids’ fashion, women’s fashion and wall art canvas prints using this amazing service. The items have her design on them- and will be shipped to you straight from Chatsworth, CA!

If you’re really a dog person- you should go ahead and follow Sandra on her Instagram account… She uploads all of her new designs, as well as insanely cute photos of her very own kid on all 4s:

Care to know more?
Go to Design Doggo Etsy shop and see what kind of dog passionate items you could get yourself

and your loved ones!

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