Unique Living Stone Succulents & Rare Succulent Seeds

Nothing brings more joy to your home than that small and perfect succulent nursery planter, filled with colors, love, and optimism!
While you can go to greeneries and succulent nurseries and purchase a made succulent planter garden for a lot of money, you can take this succulent garden DIY project on yourself- with the help of Emily!

NoNeedForGreenThumbs is an Etsy store made for people who have a soft spot in their hearts for beauty and nature! In it you’ll find amazing succulents in 2 forms- made and to make, that means live succulent plants for you to use immediately, or rare succulent seeds to grow yourself!
One of the easiest ways to start your small nursery garden is using live stones…

I’m a succulent gardener and used to be brown thumb until I discovered living stones! They’re easy to care for and thrive on negligence as long as you provide them the right environment. Living stones are native to Africa and have over 300 species and many more varieties. They’re great for people who can’t keep up with the needs of usual house plants. (Emily)

As this shop is made for succulent nursery DIY lovers, you’ll also find a unique soil mix, made just for the benefit of growing beautiful succulent plants at home.

Succulent nursery ideas:

Emily is not only an awesome succulent grower, but she also has that unique touch to making succulents look even more awesome together, with beautiful nursery ideas:

The work of a succulent live stones grower is never done!
And as time goes by, Emily adds more and more live succulents plants and rare succulent seeds to her Etsy shop… So, to make sure you never miss out on new and rare succulents- follow Emily and her succulent joy on Facebook or Instagram (Get ready to say “awww”)

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Succulent growing tips

On top of her Etsy shop and social media channels, Emily also has a succulent growing blog- in which you’ll find articles on succulent growing, troubleshooting, and ideas. Check it out HERE.

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