ReemasCookies- Your Own Personal Bakery in the USA

If you’re looking fora special treat for your next dinner party, birthday, anniversary dinner… Or if you simply want to try new high quality treats made in the USA- ReemasCookies Etsy shop is the place to visit!


On ReemasCookies you’ll be able to find special and unique bakery treats and Ramadan holiday party cookies desserts, alongside unique ethnic Arabic treats like Homemade Baklava, Ghorayeba, Petit Fours, Basbousa Harissa and more!

baklava-large-pieces-homemade-5539668 ghorayeba-homemade-egyptian-cookies-eid-ramadan-wedding-dessert-table-5000642 homemade-baklava-egyptian-middle-eastern-arabic-dessert-cookies-eid-ramadan-9489559 petit-fours-buttery-egyptian-eid-cookies-ramadan-cookies-chocolate-nutella-jam-filled-6171790

The shop sells cookies and treats in 2 different ways: 1- you find the dessert / cookies that you like and order an amount of that special ethnic treat.

2- You order the special packages for parties and events- with a mix of different types of treats inside!

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