Sharing Love Throughout The World One Soul At A Time

2500+ people have already got the chance to enjoy a good-vibe accessory made by Katie Velarde.

Katie Velarde is the owner of GlitterZen Etsy store- located in Colorado and shipping joy and bliss (and her products) worldwide!

If you’re on the market for some meditation stones, chakra stones, crystals, or even chakra jewelry- Katie’s store is a great place to start looking.

All beautiful items- come from a beautiful soul.

Through trials and tribulations, I have found solace in crafts and studying holistic medicine, I call it my “zen time”. We have a wonderful little family which consists of my husband, myself and a son and daughter. We have had some obstacles in life that have altered our path to one we would have never guessed.

Katie says in her store…

It’s been a hard path at time and a path that led us to more knowledge about true love, presence, accepting a situation as it is. It is a path forward we are on and want to help others get closer to that light and healing each day.

If you want to see more of Katie’s designs and holistic ventures- make sure to visit her website Glitter Zen.
You can also join her Instagram following to make sure you’ll always see new designs and hear about potential sales.

You’re also welcomed to like Katie’s page on Facebook, filled with beautiful shots and with meaningful phrases.

Want your very own chakra good luck charm? Need a protection jewelry? looking for that special meditation stone?

Look no further- Glitter Zen!

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