Home Is Where Your…

Well, can you guess how this sentence is about to end? Cause if you were thinking- with the word HEART- you were wrong!
It is true that the phrase “Home is where your heart is” is a popular one, but one Etsy seller decided to take this sentence and give it a whole other meaning… A much YUMMIER meaning!

Matt Knights has just opened an Etsy store for affordable outfits for women with cool and unique designs, and although the store is still stocking up- I thought it would be cool to share with you his first design- Home is where the ICE CREAM is!

So, what do you think?
This cool phrase is super delicious and comes in the two colors above, pink and blue, and you would probably want to follow Matt Knights on social media as he adds more items to his Etsy store- Yeah YOU Apparel. See more updates in the store’s Facebook or Instagram accounts!
Oh, and go get yourself some ice cream.. You’ve earned it!

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