Dating Tips According To Women

Dating Tips According To Women

When it comes to dating, there is no blanket rule or one-size-fits-all. Different women have varying preferences and tendencies when it comes to dating. This can depend on a myriad of factors contributing to their culture.

In this article, we’ll be discussing a couple of rules of thumb when it comes to dating. Rather than looking for the perfect grooming routine or the best date night outfit, we will tackle this in the aspect of the best mindset and approach to have when getting into a dating relationship. 

We did some research and asked for some advice from dating and relationship experts to get you more than ready for your next date. With that, here are seven tips every man should mull over.

1. Establish your principles, and reasonable standards

Know your deal-breakers before setting the date. It is important to establish these non-negotiables first but to also be careful so as to not create too high standards. 

Examples of deal breakers are if they’re non-monogamous or if they’re on the polar opposite side of the political spectrum as you. However, keep in mind that there is no such thing as an unresolvable contradiction between two people in a genuine and wholesome relationship.

Relationship experts recommend that these non-negotiables should be primarily focused on character or personality traits and value systems, instead of dwelling on physical or financial characteristics.

2. Be honest and real

There is nothing more important in a prospective relationship than trust. In order to establish the foundation for trust, it is important to be real from the get-go. Being true to yourself on the first date will set the grounds for a healthy and honest relationship or friendship.

When it comes to the awkward vibes entailed by a failed date or incompatible pairing, just face the music and break the news. Dating experts want to emphasize to men that women are fully capable of handling rejection. It is best, to be honest with them early on rather than to lead them with false hopes.

On the flip side, if you’re yearning to see her again, yet are struggling with the possibility of being perceived as clingy or desperate or automatically head-over-heels and scouting-for-wedding-rings in love, just the same, face the music and let her know you’d like to see her again.

Humble honesty is a turn-on for most women and it actually testifies to how much you respect and value them.

3. Ditch the age-old texting or calling rules

Even in 2022, we still might hear from our friends about some fabled dating rules such as the 3-days-before-you-call-back rule. Dating experts want to remind us that dating is not a game. If it is a game, then that implies the inevitability of someone losing.

If you want to start a dating relationship with respect and trust, be upfront and call her (during normal waking hours, of course) to let her know what’s on your mind.

4. Take interest and initiative

In simpler words, put your heart into it. It’s very easy for someone to detect if you’re just not that into them. Whenever planning a date, take the effort to put some thought into it. Showing that thoughtfulness and confidence will show your date that you are invested and will entice her to be the same.

Another way to show interest is by actively engaging in dialogue. While talking, be mindful of the details up to the little ones, listen, paraphrase, quip, and challenge – all in an amicable and smooth manner.

5. Pay attention to universal red flags

Take note of universal red flags such as being overly cautious or evasive. If your date consciously tries to steer the conversation away from themselves or basic details such as where they work, that may pose a red flag.

Dating experts advise going with your gut when in these circumstances. When something ticks you off and you can’t resolve it by having an honest conversation, it will be best to steer clear early on. 

Dating Tips According To Women
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6. Ease up on the intoxicants

Getting drunk to the point of being unhinged on the first date can be a major turn-off for most women. Aside from safety risks, it can also turn the night into a hazy memory you will barely recall.

Being intoxicated on a first date will keep you from making a good impression and building the foundation for a genuine connection. Drink or consume just enough intoxicants to loosen up those nerves.

7. Put your phone away

Another major turn-off in today’s screen-dominated age is when the person you’re having a conversation with gets distracted or cuts you off because their phone is going off. Dating experts advise you to turn off your phone completely. Once your date sees no phone in sight, she’ll recognize it as a gesture expressing that you’re there to engage with her and only her.

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