Personalized Gift Idea – Custom Photo Smartphone Cases

iPhone, Samsung, and other smartphone covers have been a trending gift for a long time now, with people buying all kinds of unique covers for their phones. Abstract painting covers, beautiful quote covers, as well as watercolor cases, and even cases printed on with oil painting prints. But if you want something truly special, something that will make you smile- how about a photo of your child? A photo from your wedding day?
How about a smartphone cover that has a photo of just an ordinary day in your lives- when you felt joy?

If you want to get that truly personalized gift, to yourself or to someone you love- Lisa has just the thing for you!
Passionate about giving you a way to treasure what matters most to you, Lisa opened WonderForCase Etsy shop, with unique cases for Samsung, iPhone, Huawei phones- and more, in most of their brand sizes and models!

In her shop you’ll find the easiest way to get a personalized photo cover for your iPhone or Samsung, as well as high quality printing on a beautifully designed high quality case.

Enjoy a beautiful soft cover, that would feel comfortable in your hand, as you hold your phone with a photo of the people you love most- for an affordable price & great customer care. These beautiful personalized gift cases, can be made with… anything! A photo of you, your kids, your family. A painting your kid drew for you, a portrait of a lost loved one, and even a company logo!

Just imagine the possibilities behind such a unique and exciting gift!

Ordering these personalized smartphone covers is super simple and easy!
Just go to WonderForCase Etsy shop, pick the cover style you like (as they have so many other covers than what’s shown on this article), and select the type of phone you want a cover for! Once you order- Etsy will provide you with an order number! Message Lisa through Etsy with your desired photo or text- and attach your order number, to make sure the right photo goes to the right person! And there you have it!

Your new personalized photo cover will be made just for you and shipped to your location!

If this design is meant as a gift, and you want it to be shipped directly to the person you want to gift it to, make sure to place their details in the ordering address- and you have a wonderful way to show love to a person in your life in these crazy times!

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