Cosplay Trends- Phantom of The Opera Christine Daae Dresses

If you’re a fan, like me, of the movie & show of the Phantom of the Opera- than you know that there’s nothing more elegant than a white Christine Daae Dress!
Unique Christine Daae dresses have been worn throughout the years by many cosplayers, Halloween-partiers, and even brides! These unique Phantom of the Opera dresses would make for a wonderful wedding gown for any stylish bride with an edge!

The best place to find Phantom of the Opera Christine Daae dresses would be at Cosplayrr!
Cosplayrr is a great online website for unique and special cosplay costumes for people of all ages, and it in that site I found the most amazing Christine Daae dress ever!!

Phantom of the Opera costume- Christine Daae Dress:

This wonderful Christine Daae dress is tailored to your own measurements, making it quite the hit amongst plus size women looking to find a good plus size Christine Daae dress!

Loose & Classy Christine Daae dress costume:

Another great Christine Daae Dress costume by Cosplayrr is this amazing white gown that has a loose structure and a comfort fit ! If you chose to wear your Phantom of the Opera Christine Daae dress as a wedding dress- this would be a great dancing wedding dress without a doubt!

The elegant and modern Christine Daae dress:

Unlike the other 2 Christine Daae dresses that are very theatrical and historical, this Phantom of the Opera Christine Daae dress has a modern look to it, and even a bit of an oriental vibe!

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Christine Daae Phantom of the Opera dresses,
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