A Family of Sneakerheads That Makes Unbelievable Sneakers

One of my most favorite expressions is “Sneakerhead”… Sneakerhead means a person who collects, trades, and/or admires sneakers as a form of hobby.
While some people look at sneakers as a must-have shoe for exercise alone, other people live life collecting and wearing amazing and uniquely designed sneakers, as a form of self expression, just like statement jewelry, or wearing shirts with sayings.

One unique American sneakerhead family is the Juarez’ !
Father, Erick, and his children, Desi & Dallas, have opened a unique Etsy shop for sneakers, called LifeStunna2005!
Their special sneakers are a limited edition in our world, as they design creative and detailed designs onto trending and high quality white sneakers!

Butterfly Custom Air Force 1 Sneakers

One of the most comfortable shoes ever created, the Air Force q sneaker, is now available through Erick’s shop, with gorgeous butterflies on it! These butterflies are not hand painted, nor are they a cheap sticker, but a resistant and durable print on the actual sneaker!

Available in so many colors, these butterfly Custom Air Force 1 sneakers can be also made with a different butterfly placement, color, or general design!

LUX LV Air Force 1 Sneakers

If you want to combine the comfort of the Air Force 1 sneakers, with the LUX prints of Louis Vuitton, this family has got you covered!
In their Etsy shop LifeStunna2005 they have a beautiful colorful selection of Air Force 1 sneakers, with LV prints on them!

Dripping Colors Air Force 1 Sneakers

I am so feeling the 90’s in this shop with so many sneakers have this color dripping effect that just looks so delicious! With the option for the NIKE V to be dripping with color, or the entire sneaker dripping, this custom Air Force 1 sneaker- is STUNNING !

Toy Story Sneakers

Yes, you’ve read correctly !
This awesome sneakerhead family also creates cross-design Toy Story sneakers that every child is going to love! These unique sneakers can also be made with your child’s name on the back of the heel, for that extra personal touch!

Buyers are loving LifeStunna2005!

If you go to LifeStunna2005 Etsy shop, you’ll find that a lot of buyers reviewed this shop and it’s custom sneakers- with a photo they themselves took of the item they got! Without saying too much, just have a look at some of these buyers’ photos- and fall in love with this shop too!

Custom sneakers – Now on instagram!

If you want to make sure you always see the latest sneaker designs by Erick and his kids, check out their Instagram profile!
One follow click and you’re going to get all of their latest designs, sales and promos- directly to your IG feed! (Follow them if you’re a true sneakerhead!).

Check out these special custom Air Force 1 sneaker designs
and more unique ideas, on LifeStunna2005 on Etsy!

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