Renea Noyes from Texas is the QUEEN of Baby-wear on Etsy!

With a staggering number of 32,947 sales on her Etsy store OohLaLaDivasandDudes, Renea is one happy Texan lady!
Her little Etsy boutique, is not that little… After crafting and designing over 1700 baby wear items, Renea is the owner of one of the most successful handmade baby clothing stores on Etsy– specializing in baby clothes, baby girl outfits, baby boy wear, baby fashion accessories- and more! Her baby first birthday outfits are super cute, her baby leggings are styled to perfections- and her baby hat collection is amazing!

One of the sweetest sections in Renea’s store is the Valentine’s day section, filled with…
Well- see for yourselves:

This is defiantly a unique store for babies, making sure that every baby girl could look like a true diva, and every baby could be celebrated and loved with handmade fashion items and accessories!

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See more baby items on OohLaLaDivasandDudes on Etsy!

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