Watercolor Artistic Prints by Blake Shattuck

Watercolor Artistic Prints by Blake Shattuck

Meet- Blake Shattuck, a great watercolor artist that found the perfect way to share his talent with the world– Etsy!

Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, is the perfect place for artists like Blake looking to spread their creativity worldwide.
In Blake’s store, BlakeHunterArt, you’ll be able to find beautiful prints of his watercolor art work- available in a variety of sizes and delivered in a protective package to prevent damage on the way.

A lot of people don’t understand why would someone purchase a print, but the truth is that prints are the best wall art you could find. They are much more affordable than purchasing an original and you can display them in so many ways- framed, glued, or placed on a wooden surface.

Blake’s works have a special place in my heart, especially his “collection” of animal watercolor prints (made to a digital perfection):

His store is not his only passion. In fact- he uses his store as a way to fund his real passion, the one he talks about in his Etsy shop:

I am a filmaker, lifelong learner, and creative enthusiast living in Erie, Colorado. I’m currently working on my first feature film ‘Phantom Dawn’ a scifi tale that incorporates the things that left me in awe as a child and now as an adult. All profits from my shop Savage Queen Creations goes directly towards costumes, props, and other production costs on this journey.

Blake also made some beautiful romance-themed paintings that are now available as prints, with heart paintings and beautiful romantic wings:

You can also check out his Day of the Dead skull paintings turned prints:

To see more of Blake’s work you can visit his Etsy store BlakeHunterArt, follow him on his Instagram accounts (ArsenalWares & Blakehunterart) or Like his artwork on Facebook.

Watercolor Artistic Prints by Blake Shattuck
Watercolor Artistic Prints by Blake Shattuck

Have fun adding color to your life with BlakeHunterArt !

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