Art That Glows In The Dark

Art that glows in the dark

Looking for something truly unique? Welcoming an oil or acrylic painting to your home is always a way to make it your own and add a personal style.. But what of that piece of canvas contained color– Art that glows in the dark?

From Palermo, Italy, I am proud to present: Passione Xarte – an Etsy store that can show you how truly unique the human mind could be. Selling all of her goods online, Rosalia Rubino is a mother of 2. Having 2 kids to raise is a hard task to do, but Rosalia still managed to find the time to create, make art and simply follow her passion!When I saw her paintings I was amazed. The unique brush strokes showed me that she is skilled, the use of glow-in-the-dark colours made me see how unique she is in her mindset, and the fact that she draws on things that are not canvas (such as ceramic plates) just proves to me how artistic she is.
I don’t know if you know it- but many artists sometimes feel compelled to simply paint on random things they see- that’s how you spot an artistic soul. And that is exactly what Rosalia is. Here are just some of her paintings:

However, I promised you glow in the dark art- and this is what you shall see… Here are some of the amazing paintings that this Etsy seller has to offer you… Get ready to be amazed!

Stop by Rosalia’s Etsy store PassioneXarte to see more of her amazing work, her brilliant design ideas, and even some necklaces!
Good luck Rosalia, from me and from the rest of us here at The Women Team!

Art that glows in the dark
Art that glows in the dark

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