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If you’re looking for wool products or wool itself – there’s no better place to find them than SheepShedYarns Etsy shop.

The shop is owned by Jane Bari, and artist, designer and maker of everything that is good and fuzzy in the world! Jane is an indie (independent) wool dyer, spinner, crocheter and weaver.

Her shop is filled with handmade products that spinners and weavers would adore!

Since Jane started the shop, she has made it her mission to keep adapting to the needs of her clients, adding more and more items that will help more people with their knitting or crochet projects

The best thing about Jane’s shop is that the entire stock is made in a smoke and chemical free environment, making sure you’ll have the best quality without any smells or health risks.
Jane is also using pure rainwater in the process of making her wool and items- making this a truly environmentally positive shop!

Here’s what Jane had to say about the unique process behind her items:

All designs are created with a lot of care and attention to detail as the creative process is one which cannot be hurried along at all. Each product is created with attention to colour, form and texture; foundation tenets to be found in my pastel and acrylic paintings as well.

Same process, different product.

In a day where mass produced is king, I am just one of a growing collection of artisans who take pride in their design and creation of genuine hand made. I am happy to consider selling my wares in bricks and mortar establishments which hold the tenets of hand made to heart.

What can be found on SheepShedYarns Etsy shop: Independent (“indie”) wool dyer, Hand spun, hand dyed art yarn, Hand spun woolen yarn, Closed knitting stitch markers, Hand dyed wool locks, Kettle and hand dyed Merino roving, Unique shawls, wraps, scarves, Sofa throws,

Unique cotton face washers and dishcloths for eco conscious people.

Visit SheepShedYarns Etsy shop today for more!

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