The Light of the UK

If you’re looking for a great way to add some style into your home, but not a fan of wall art- try using lights!

A special UK shop by the name of Lights of Lichfield is giving us a rare opportunity to get some of the most unique lamps to our very homes- making every room better, brighter and with way more style!!

Lights of Lichfield is a new stylish light and furniture store in Lichfield Staffordshire, centrally located between Derby and Birmingham. You’ll only find to quality lamps and lights sold in this store.
Knowing very well how bad quality lights and lamps can lose their color or figure within weeks of purchase, Lights of Lichfield’s owners have made it their mission to only sell the quality that will make their clients’ happiness- last!

The key to this shop’s success is truly customer service!
When things go bad (as they sometimes do with online shopping) Lights of Lichfield promises to stay on top of it, not wait a week to reply to an email from a client, and generally provide the best Customer Service in the UK !

Amongst their lighting solutions you will find beautiful ceiling lights, unique wall lights, stylish bathroom lights, LED lights, simply awesome outdoor lights, designed spot lights, OOAK pendant lights, useful table lamps, and even floor lamps! (and, of course, really cool and lovely bulbs to go with any of these lighting solutions!).

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You could also visit Lights of Lichfield’s blog, featuring different tends each post, and showing you just how much their beautiful lamps will look amazing in any setting!

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So- for your Light solutions in the Uk turn to
Lights of Lichfield!

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