From Teacher to Artist- John Spagnola and His Designs

After being in the graphics industry from early stages in life, John Spagnola was an excellent graphics Communications teacher. However, when the school he was working for shut down that department, and with him having to take care of his ill mother- John knew he had to find another way to make a living.

It’s people like John who make me so happy to see a place like Etsy exists.
By opening an Etsy store, John was able to set a new business- right from his home! His designs skills have not been diminished, in-fact they got better as he now had a “free hand” in what he wanted to design.

Thinking practical, John has designed 200+ everyday accessories and items like tshirts, tank tops and even stickers- all with his unique skill set and messages he wanted to send out into the world! He’s using vinyl heat press techniques- to make sure his prints come out in the best condition! A heat press is a nifty way to transfer designs onto T-shirts and it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to showcase designs. If you feel inspired by Johns’s work, you might want to read heat press reviews and get involved in the action. You can start creating some cool designs of your own then.

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