Home Accessories Inspired By The Ocean

Home Accessories Inspired By The Ocean

Moving to a new place? Looking to make a rented flat feel more like home? Home Accessories Inspired By The Ocean.

Searching the internet for the perfect gift?

If you, or your loved ones, love the smell of the salt in the air whenever you approach the shore- this Etsy store is for you! Yoland, a designer at heart, is drawing the inspiration for her art from the ocean, living in the beach-city that is Tel Aviv. And her items? They will make you want to get in the water and fast!

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After she found herself doing all kinds of art, even jewelry design, Yoland noticed that she has a gift for fabrics. And that gift could be a new item in your home! She creates beautiful throw-pillow covers, amazing fabric hanging organisers, and even hanging toilet paper rolls accessories- everything with a touch of the ocean!
In her Etsy store, sealyodesign, you’ll find the perfect house decor accessories, coloured in blue, red and patterned with marine-life prints. Everything that will make a true skipper at heart feel right at home!

Using the Israeli eco post express shipping, Yoland supplies her goods to anywhere in the world- in an outstanding time! It usually takes 6-10 days to get to Europe and 6-14 days for her items to meet you at The States. And you’re going to love them!

Here are my favorite items from her store:

You could follow up on Yoland’s designs and art in her social channels: Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. If you speak Hebrew- you could also shop from her Israeli website- Sealyo. So- if you’ve seen something you liked- visit her Etsy store and see much, much more !

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Home Accessories Inspired By The Ocean
Home Accessories Inspired By The Ocean

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