Customizable Items To Bring Hawaii Into Your Home!

Customizable Items To Bring Hawaii Into Your Home

What I love most about Etsy is that it is operated by REAL people, REAL ideas and REAL creativity. You have the chance to get something that would fit your personality and make your home  a true home. Customization is key in a lot of areas in our lives, and I found an Etsy seller that can give you a hand in making customizable items to bring Hawaii Into your home truly your OWN!

Shawn is from the United States, and he is the owner of Ye Olde Proppe Shoppe Etsy store, offering you a variety of handmade crafts to hang on your door, place on your table or even hang on your Xmas tree– all designed in the Hawaiian spirit…

Here are my 3 favorite items from Shawn’s store:

This Ohana Christmas tree decoration is a smashing hit!
Ohana, In Hawaii the word Ohana is used to describe any group of people with a common bond, family or dear friends, and to me it looks like the perfect ornament to your Christmas tree.

The other thing I loved about this store is how amazingly creative this seller is. I have probably seen more than 1,000 different designs for tea/coffee coasters, but never have I seen Umbrella-inspired coasters made from PLA… Aren’t they amazing?

Last but not least we have the door sign, customized to your family name, giving your home this Hawaiian feeling- right at the door:

Make sure to drop by Shawn’s Etsy store for more amazing and unique designs… With over 300 sales, you can be sure that this is a trusted Etsy seller that will make sure you are always pleased with what you get!

Customizable Items To Bring Hawaii Into Your Home
Customizable Items To Bring Hawaii Into Your Home

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